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Born 1994 in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, countertenor Steve Katona's work and interest reflects a multi-layered approach to arts questioning the role of "identity" and "tradition". As an interdisciplinarity artist, he had performances in Berlin, Paris, Antwep, Athens, London and more.
In particular, he performed in Bill Bultheel's "When doves Cry", in cooperation with Schinkelpavillion Berlin, in Pan Daijings experimental music theatre"Tissues" at Tate Modern in London and her musical performance "Dead Time Blue" at Martin Gropius Bau Berlin. Also, he participated in the Paf Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art in the Czech Republic. He appears as a vocal improvisation artist inspired by baroque ornamentation and traditions, also active in composing. He studied Opera at the Berlin University of the Arts.
His repertoire includes old and contemporary music, with a special focus on Johan Sebastian Bach. In summer 2021 he was heard in Michail Marmarino's production of "Trackers", in the role of Hermes. It premiered on 23.07.21 at Athens Epidaurus Festival. He allso sung a major role in  Jamie Man's opera "Zelle: Wenn es dunkel wird"., which premiered at deSingel in Antwerpen on the 08.10.2021.