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Cembalo: Alejandro Cattaneo Audio: Robert Niemeyer Video: Robert Niemeyer
Film by Leda Bourgogne and Joanna Krawczyk
G.F. Händel / Giulio Cesare / Svegliatevi nel core Steve Katona
00:00 / 04:08

Cembalist: Ana María Fonseca Núñez Audio Recording: Robert Niemeyer

Mt. Analogue by Billy Bultheel

Performed by Steve Katona, Contra tenor


Fanny Meteier, Tuba

Thomas Pfaffinger, Tuba

Amelie Ratle, Euphonium

Blaise Cardon-Mienville, Saxhorn

Filmed by Calum Bowden

Audio Recording by Guillaume Malaret


Performed within the installation 'Tropeaolum' by Danh Vo, for the 15th anniversary of PAN Records. 24.04.2023, Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, Paris

Singing starts at: 08:05 min, again at 22:10 min and 47:20 min


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