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Cembalo: Alejandro Cattaneo Audio: Robert Niemeyer Video: Robert Niemeyer
Film by Leda Bourgogne and Joanna Krawczyk

Mt. Analogue by Billy Bultheel

Performed by Steve Katona, Contra tenor


Fanny Meteier, Tuba

Thomas Pfaffinger, Tuba

Amelie Ratle, Euphonium

Blaise Cardon-Mienville, Saxhorn

Filmed by Calum Bowden

Audio Recording by Guillaume Malaret


Performed within the installation 'Tropeaolum' by Danh Vo, for the 15th anniversary of PAN Records. 24.04.2023, Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, Paris

Singing starts at: 08:05 min, again at 22:10 min and 47:20 min


Interview with Glamcult Magazine

"Reanimating the art of opera, and making it cool again, may seem like a daunting venture. Luckily, 
STEVE KATONA is here to prove that the 400-year-old genre has a lot to live for in the present day—provided you’re mindful of outdated frameworks. A BERLIN-based singer, composer and performance artist, Katona masterfully interjects opera with contemporary arts, revolutionising both while simultaneously honouring their core principles. Whether it’s singing on the runway of a GMBH show or performing an experimental theatre piece at the TATE, Katona’s moving voice becomes a deadly weapon, and his vision, a thought-provoking, ground-shaking rebellion of the new generation. Enchanted at first sight, we had to catch up with the artist and delve into his process, discuss opera in the context of modernity, and hear about his upcoming narrative-based album."

The NIGHT Issue #140

Words by Evita Shrestha / Photography by Tristan Rösler @ Shotview Artists Management / Styling by Illia Kulishov / Hair by Aline Jakoby

3D Visual effects by Leo Romanski / Post-production by Grain Berlin / Styling assistance by Delfina Giacovelli / Digital assistance by Kane Holz

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