"Strings" is a through-composed performance in three parts that deals with the cycle of existence and decay and the question of how life realities are shaped and manifested in us. The performance  uses mythological ideas and accompanies us to the Moiras of Greek mythology, which spin the thread of life, as well as to their nordic sisters, the Norns, who also watch over fate under the great tree of Yggdrasil. 




Status:             Finished

Performed at: Musik Installationen                              Nürnberg

Composer /  Opera / Aria

Jamie Man / Zelle: Wenn es dunkel wird / Kein Mond keine Sterne

A. Vivaldi / La fida ninfa / Qual serpe tortuosa

G.F. Händel / Amadigi di gaula / Pena tiranna

G.F. Händel / Giulio Cesare / Svegliatevi nel core 


 Composer / Performance / Song

Steve Katona / Strings / Kom nu hit död

Is a chamber opera dealing with the life & myth of Hypatias of Alexandria. The cast consists of cello, harpsichord, viola, aulos, two singers and electronic sounds. The two singers, embodied by Hypatia (past) and the narrator (present), create a bridge across temporal and spatial boundaries by engaging in a sung and spoken dialogue. This is taken up by electronic and instrumental sounds that bring together the sound of antiquity and modernity.




Status: Composition in progress