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Zelle: wenn es dunkel wird.

Zelle, wenn es Dunkel wird,
is an answer without a question. It's winter on a mountain. On the mountain, there is a cabin. In the cabin, there is a woman. The woman holds a secret. Within the secret, there are questions. Questions without answers. Only the certainty that a crime has been committed. It is an intangible and technological staging, in which darkness leads us to a light in a cell, from which only questions can set us free, questions to which there are no answers, there in the darkness. Is it not in the darkness where the light shines brightest?

Composer: Jamie Man
Opera: "Zelle, Wenn es dunkel wird"
Based on a short story by Peter Stamm.
Aria: "Kein Mond, keine Sterne"
Singer: Steve Katona

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